A silent notification is handled directly in the SDK, and nothing additional must be implemented. Choose from either option when you create a silent notification:

  1. Create your silent notification through the Watson Campaign Automation user interface.

    Select the Data type notification. If you use the Sample Data template, you get a notification that looks like Bundle[{data={“sample type”:{“title”:”Welcome to NYC”}}, from=(your Google ID), android.support.content.wakelockid=1, collapse_key=do_not_collapse} in your onMessage: method.

    Tip: This is similar to creating a silent notification for iOS by using the Sample Data template. Other templates will look the way you define them.

  2. Use the Push to Contact or Push to Device APIs.

    You can create a notification with any content you specify; however, make sure not to have the alert element in the notification. The Sample Data template leaves out the alert element; this is why it triggers a silent push.


Every time a notification with no alert element is sent, no notification is displayed. In the app, you must override or modify the onMessage: method to take the action that you want when the silent notification is received.

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