You can use the Cordova plug-in with your iOS and Android mobile apps. The following documentation is compatible with Apache Cordova. You can find the current version requirements here.

There are three main advantages to using Apache Cordova on top of your iOS and Android platforms.

  • Because Apache Cordova is written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can run a single mobile app across multiple platforms with a decreased amount of work.
  • Web technologist can build an app that runs on mobile platforms.
  • Web applications can run without internet access on mobile platforms.

For more information in tutorials, see Creating projects with Apache Cordova plugin, Enabling inbox notifications for Apache Cordova, and Enabling in-app messages for Apache Cordova.

The following graphic illustrates the relationship between the your hybrid application, the SDKs for iOS and Android, and the Plugin for Cordova. Because there is not a JavaScript bridge to the developer’s code, you cannot use the native SDK provided by Mobile app messaging.

hybrid graphic

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