You can include custom actions and iOS static action categories for mobile app messages within your Cordova app.

Configuring custom action notifications

To include custom actions in your application, you need to put them in a space separated list in the custom actions key in the config.xml file. After that is completed, you can register for callbacks to those actions through the MCEPlugin.setRegisteredActionCallback function. The callback includes both the action payload and the entire push payload for processing of that action.

Configuring iOS static action categories

You can support iOS static action categories from your Cordova application by registering a callback for your category name with MCEPlugin.setCategoryCallbacks.

The callback includes the payload of the message and the identifier of the chosen action if an action was selected by the user. For more information about how each MCEPlugin method works, see MCEPlugin.js, which is included in the Cordova plug-in. For more information about how to implement Cordova with your app, see the sample project for examples.

iOS 11 Limitation

Due to limitations on iOS 10 – 11.2 in handling content-available messages, we recommend using mutable-content in payloads to deliver multiple actions to iOS applications instead.

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