The iOS SDK is compatible with the Swift programming language. Any version of the SDK before v3.6.10 does not work with Swift Application Delegates. You can use a workaround by using an Objective-C delegate class. Usage of the SDK from Swift is demonstrated in the Swift sample project starting with V3.6.10.

  • The automatic integration method requires a main.swift file to be created in the project. It should contain the following:
      import Foundation
      import UIKit
      UIApplicationMain(CommandLine.argc, nil, nil, "MCEAppDelegate")
  • In order for Swift to use the classes in the SDK, you must have a bridging header in your application and include the following line in it:
    #import <AcousticMobilePush/AcousticMobilePush.h>

    For more information, see

  • When used with a Swift Application Delegate, the MceConfig.json file requires the package name prefixed to the class name for the appDelegateClass value:
    "appDelegateClass": "Sample.AppDelegate",

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