When you configure the baseURL, you specify the value that is determined by your operating system and Pod.

The following table provides baseURLs for Pods on Android and iOS.

Table 1. baseURL

Pod Number iOS Android
Pod 0 “https://sdk0.ibm.xtify.com” “https://sdk0.ibm.xtify.com”
Pod 1 “https://sdk1.ibm.xtify.com” “https://sdk1.ibm.xtify.com”
Pod 2 “https://sdk2.ibm.xtify.com” “https://sdk2.ibm.xtify.com”
Pod 3 “https://sdk3.ibm.xtify.com” “https://sdk3.ibm.xtify.com”
Pod 4 “https://sdk4.ibm.xtify.com” “https://sdk4.ibm.xtify.com”
Pod 5 “https://sdk5.ibm.xtify.com” “https://sdk5.ibm.xtify.com”
Pod 6 “https://sdk6.ibm.xtify.com” “https://sdk6.ibm.xtify.com”
Pod 7 “https://sdk7.ibm.xtify.com” “https://sdk7.ibm.xtify.com”
Pod 8 “https://sdk8.ibm.xtify.com” “https://sdk8.ibm.xtify.com”
Pod 9 “https://sdk9.ibm.xtify.com” “https://sdk9.ibm.xtify.com”
Pod A “https://sdkA.ibm.xtify.com” “https://sdkA.ibm.xtify.com”
Pilot “https://iqsdk.ibm.xtify.com” “https://iqsdk.ibm.xtify.com”

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4 comments on"Setting the baseURL"

  1. Rahul Bhagat January 19, 2018

    Whether the POD BaseURls are right? When I use “https://sdk0.ibm.xtify.com/3.0” my Andriod App is not getting registred, but when I used ““https://sdk0.ibm.xtify.com/service/3.0” it get registered successfully.

  2. How do I figure out what my pod is?

    • Hello Weiyin,
      Your pod number can be found within the URL you use to log into Watson Campaign Automation. For example, login4 shows that your Pod is 4.

      Thank you

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