Mobile App Messaging SDK for Xamarin lets you add mobile app messages to iOS and Android mobile applications that are developed using Xamarin.Forms.

To quickly get started with basic mobile app messages in apps developed in Xamarin, see Getting Started with basic mobile app messages in Xamarin. A roadmap of the entire mobile app messaging process in Campaign Automation is available at Roadmap: Mobile app messaging configuration process. To learn more about basic concepts of the Mobile App Messaging SDK for Xamarin, see the topics listed under Learn more.

After you have basic mobile app messaging operational, you can customize your build with advanced options. Tutorials provide end-to-end instructions about advanced mobile app messaging features. For information about common use cases, see Table 1, and for a complete list of tutorials, see the topics listed under Tutorials.

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Table 1

How do I… Go to…
Learn more about sending events? Creating events
Learn more about users and channels? Modifying attributes
Create an Add to Calendar action for my mobile app message? Configuring action plug-ins for enhanced notifications
Add videos and images to my in-app messages? Implementing in-app messages in your mobile app


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