Performing an attributes operation is done by using the attributes client that can be accessed from the SDK.Instance class. To set or update, pass a single attribute name and its value. To delete, just pass a string which corresponds to the name of the attribute you want to delete for that user.

Note: Attribute updates can be non-intuitive. They are cached both on the device and the server, which can lead to issues if you update attributes from the SDK and via API.

In addition, lookup key attributes may not be updated by SDK. See Understanding user attributes for further details and limitations of using attributes from the SDK.


// To set or update an attribute
SDK.Instance.QueueUpdateUserAttribute("hobby", "movies");
SDK.Instance.QueueUpdateUserAttribute("age", 40);
SDK.Instance.QueueUpdateUserAttribute("getsCatalogue", true);
SDK.Instance.QueueUpdateUserAttribute("lastUpdate", DateTime.Now());

// To delete an attribute

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