When you configure the baseURL in the SDK configuration file, specify the value that is determined by your operating system and Pod.

The following table provides baseURLs for Pods on Windows. After you copy the baseURL value into the MceConfig.json, the application registers with the server and a mobile contact record is added to the mobile enabled database.

Table 1. base_URL

Pod Number baseURL for Windows
Pod 0 (US) https://sdk0.ibm.xtify.com/3.0
Pod 1 (US) https://sdk1.ibm.xtify.com/3.0
Pod 2 (US) https://sdk2.ibm.xtify.com/3.0
Pod 3 (US) https://sdk3.ibm.xtify.com/3.0
Pod 4 (US) https://sdk4.ibm.xtify.com/3.0
Pod 5 (US) https://sdk5.ibm.xtify.com/3.0
Pod 6 (EU) https://sdk6.ibm.xtify.com/3.0
Pod 7 (SG) https://sdk7.ibm.xtify.com/3.0
Pod 8 (TOR) https://sdk8.ibm.xtify.com/3.0
Pod 9 (US) https://sdk9.ibm.xtify.com/3.0
Pod A (IN) https://sdka.ibm.xtify.com/3.0

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