Rich content can be reviewed by using the richcontentID in the Get Rich Content API.

Note: This API is only for reviewing a rich message, not for sending a message. 

Functionalities available

The Rich Content API call has GET functionalities.

  • GET: This call gets a rich message so it can be reviewed by a user.
  • GET/channels/push/richcontent/{richContentId}

Swagger URL

https://api[your pod number].silverpop.com/restdoc/#!/channels/getRichContent_get_

Scenarios that can be accomplished using this API

  • Get a rich push notification.
  • The rich content ID is produced by the Create Rich Content API.

Path Parameter

Attribute Required Description Data Type
richContentId Yes  rich content Id string


Attribute Description Data Type
personalizationDefaults Map of key value pairs for personalization defaults Map
personalizationFormulas Map of key value pairs for personalization formulas Map
payload Rich Content Map Map


Attribute Description Data Type
gcm template content model
apns template content model


Attribute Description Data Type
template template name String
content content model


Attribute Description Data Type
messagePreview message preview model
messageDetails message details model


Attribute Description Data Type
subject Subject of the message with optional personalization tags String
previewContent Content of the preview with optional personalization tags String


Attribute Description Data Type
richContent content of rich push String

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