Push to Segment API can be used from an external system, but not from the Watson Campaign Automation UI. Content must be defined by the user in Watson Campaign Automation and published. The published message ID will be used as the path parameter for this Push to Segment API.

Note: This API is also known as the Push to Contact Source API

Functionalities available

The Push to Segment API call has POST functionalities.

Swagger URL

https://api[your pod number].silverpop.com/restdoc/#!/channels/send_push_to_contact_source_post_

Scenarios that can be accomplished using this API

  • Send to contact source using published message that was created in Watson Campaign Automation.
  • Mobile app messages supported:
    • Simple
    • Simple + inbox
    • Simple + Expansion
    • Inbox only
    • In-App only
    • Data only

Features Supported

  • Regular personalization can only be used with information known to WCA
  • Relational table personalization supported published message (with 18.1 release)
  • API does check mobile app frequency limits and honors them.
  • Messages can be scheduled
  • Pre-processing can be specified, see preBlockingHours attribute
  • Can schedule based on recipient’s timezone, see useRecipientTimezone attribute

Path Parameters

Attribute  Required  Description  Data Type 
publishedMessageId Yes  ID of the published message to be sent  string 

When a mobile app message is created, you have the option to Publish the message in Mobile Push Send Experience on the Schedule this Message page. By selecting the Publish button, the message will be available on the Published message screen and on this page, the Published Message ID is also displayed to that it may be used in an API.

Request Body


Attribute Required Description Data Type
contactSourceId No ID of contact source (ie, database, contact list or query) long
campaignName No Campaign name string
messageName Yes Message name string
folder No Message folder location string
scheduledDate No Date on which Push Notification is to be sent string
preBlockingHours No Value representing the blocking time before sending the push notification int
useRecipientTimeZone No Whether or not to use recipient time zone for push notification Boolean

Note: A published message that is already used in an API can be edited in Watson Campaign Automation UI. The published message will have to be republished in order for the latest message to be used in the API call.

Swagger URL

https://api[your pod number].silverpop.com/restdoc/#!/channels/send_push_to_contact_source_

Sample JSON Request Body

“contactSourceId”: “332229”,
“campaignName”: “Holiday 2017 Campaign”,
“messageName”: “First October Holiday Offer”,
“scheduledDate”: “2017-10-01T13:00:51.123+00:00”

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