Submit each API request to the endpoint specified in the table below. There are separate hardware and software environments where we host Watson Campaign Automation for our customers. The URL used to specify calls for the SOAP API relates to the URL used when directly accessing Watson Campaign Automatione with a Web browser. For example, if your organization accesses Watson Campaign Automation data through the URL, you should use the SOAP API on Pod 1 ( If you access Watson Campaign Automation through the URL, then you should use the SOAP API on Pod 2.

Pod Endpoint
6 Not available
7 Not available
8 Not available
9 Not available
A Not available

User Action requests require a session id for authentication. The response of the login method returns a session id as follows:


This session id can be used to make subsequent authenticated API calls. The session id is passed in the request within the Header as shown below:


Session handling also has its own Namespace (SilverpopApi:EngageService.SessionHeader) to be included in the request.

Note: The URLs listed here are subject to change as a result of adding additional servers to the Watson Campaign Automation environment. If you experience difficulty using these URLs, please verify the Watson Campaign Automation server names with your system administrator or account representative.

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