You can use OAuth to authenticate the WCA APIs

5 comments on"Authenticating APIs with OAuth"

  1. Carlos Abanto July 17, 2017

    Good afternoon, I need to implement that in our application. We have communication with Silverpop. Is there a way to create and ClientId and application ID and user in order to test?

    • Hello Carlos,
      Can you provide the name of your company so that I am better able to assist you?

      Thank you

  2. Good afternoon,

    What is the limitation of api using oauth authentication?
    Number of requests simultaneously

    Thank you

  3. What is the authorization URL to use when requesting an OAuth access token for the IBM XML API? I noticed the python sample code snippet uses as the URL, but when we tried that with our code it wasn’t a valid URL. Our account is on Pod 8 and I know we should be using the endpoint, but that isn’t working with our OAuth token requests.

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