We support both SOAP and XML code when making API calls. The answer on which one is best to use depends on what type of application or project you are trying to pursue. SOAP is a specialization of XML, whereas XML is more general. Basically SOAP is done via POST, although some new programs allow you to use GET with the invention of REST (Representational State Transfer). POST would be the better option as GET has size limitations. I’ve listed some differences below that may be helpful to you.

Note: SOAP API does not support OAuth 2.0. Also, REST embraces the HTTP protocol and the original design principles of the web which is ‘resource’ based. Sometimes it is assumed that ‘using HTTP’ means being RESTful – it doesn’t.


  • XML allows you to define your data as you would like. XML is as a language that allows you to define markup languages. An XML schema or DTD (Document Definition Type) provides a set of rules for element and attribute names allowed, attribute value data types, and allowable child elements. XML is basically more flexible.
  • SOAP is one very specific way to do XML over HTTP.
  • SOAP is a standardized format. It has an envelope structure that holds a message. It can actually be used with just about any protocol. Once a SOAP envelope is used in combination with attachments (which still classifies as SOAP in general) the HTTP payload is a MIME envelope rather than XML.
  • SOAP provides an architectural foundation for extended services (security, web services, etc.) as requirements evolve.

Multiple mailing IDs in RawRecipientDataExport SOAP API

Specifying more than one mailing ID in a SOAP API export.


Can more than one mailing be specified by surrounding Mailing IDs in SOAP API call of RawRecipientDataExport as is done in API XML?


Specifying more than one Mailing ID, RawRecipientDataExport SOAP API is a little different from API XML.

In API XML, you can specify more than one mailing by surrounding each Mailing ID with parent element tags, to include as many Mailing IDs as you want.



In SOAP API, RawRecipientDataExport works only for two mailing IDs if these codes are used.


Note: The first Mailing ID is not wrapped with a MAILING tag and the second one is.

Currently, RawRecipientDataExport SOAP API does not work on three or more Mailing IDs.

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