The glossary clarifies Acoustic Campaign terms as they apply to API calls. 

Acoustic Campaign terms for XML Reporting Interfaces

Term Definition


Contact was in the database or query and was NOT suppressed.

Soft Bounces

All soft bounce retries exhausted for the selected mailing.

Hard Bounces

Invalid Inbox at a valid domain.

Total Bounces

Sum of soft bounces and hard bounces.


Email received (as evidenced by a tracked open, click, media play, or other interaction).


Opens detected in HTML message. Other interaction that is detected for TEXT message.


Count of Acoustic Campaign links followed.


Web pages visited after following an Acoustic Campaign link labeled as a Clickstream link.


Contacts requesting opt-out through the Acoustic Campaign Opt Out function.


Contacts who opted in using an Acoustic Campaign Opt-in link in the mailing.


Contacts who forwarded the message by using the Acoustic Campaign‘s Forward-to-a-Friend (F2F) feature.

Played Media

Contacts who played Flash or video within the message.

Downloaded Attachment

Contacts who downloaded or viewed attachments (not embedded).


Online conversions that are tracked after following an Acoustic Campaign link labeled as a Clickstream link.

Suppressed Recipients

Contacts who were in the database, but to whom mail was not sent due to various suppression reasons.

Reply Abuse Complaint

Contacts who complained through their ISP.

Reply Change Address

Replies from contacts that request an email address change. Tracked but not acted upon.

Reply Mail Blocks

Messages that are blocked by an ISP.

Reply Mailing Restriction

Messages rejected based on content (likely due to spam rules).

Reply Other

Reply categorized as something other than one of the following:

  • out of office
  • reply
  • opt out request
  • abuse complaint
  • change of address request

All Metrics Combined

Export all available metrics into a single compressed file.

All Metrics Combined

Forwards Only – export all available metrics into a single compressed file, but only for F2F contacts.

Aggregate Metrics

Mailing level counts only, no contact email addresses.

Results over time

Export metrics with time interval data (based on Acoustic Campaign‘s “Results over Time” graph).

Metrics by Top Domain

Exported Top Domains report data.

Dynamic Content Sent

Distribution of content versions based on Dynamic Content rules.

Dynamic Content Click

Tracked clicks on links that are defined in Dynamic Content blocks (versus links defined in the template).

Inbox Monitoring Details

Received, Bulked, or Not Received in 19 domains tracked by Pivotal Veracity®.

Aggregate Clicks

Mailing-level click count, no contact email addresses.

Aggregate Clickstream

Mailing-level clickstream count, no contact email addresses.

Aggregate Conversions

Mailing-level conversion count, no contact email addresses.

Aggregate Documents

Mailing-level attachment downloads or views, no contact email addresses.

Aggregate Media Plays

Mailing-level media plays, no contact email addresses.

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