We encourage you to become familar with and to use Postman as the XML API Test Harness will be deprecated within the coming months.

XML API Test Harness

A robust XML API that gives developers access to the feature set of the Acoustic Campaign

The Test Harness is a live test environment that is designed to be used with the XML API developer content. Use the Test Harness to test your XML. You can also see sample XML codes for different APIs to get an idea of the structure and required information needed to make the API request.

Test Harness compressed file

Download the Test Harness file.

The compressed file contains the following content:

  • jsessionForm,html
  • Acoustic Campaign XML APIs – Test Harness.html
  • xmlAPIServlet.html
  • xmlInstructions.html
  • xmlOutput.html

Areas of the Test Harness

The following list identifies the areas of the Test Harness:

  • API: Gives the ability to choose the API you want to test. Once selected, you see a sample XML for that request in the XML area. You can modify the sample XML or paste your own.
  • Host: Specify the Acoustic Campaign Pod that your organization is set up on. You can find this information in the Login URL to the Acoustic Campaign. For example, the ‘6’ in the URL, https://login6.silverpop.com, indicates the organization on Pod 6.
  • jsessionid: The jsessionid is required for all User Action APIs. You see this ID in the right of the window. It is in response to the Login request.
  • XML: Contains XML code for the API.
  • The right side of the Test Harness shows the responses for your API requests.

API Endpoints


The URL used to specify API calls relates to the URL used when directly accessing the Acoustic Campaign with a Web browser.

API Endpoints

The URL used to specify API calls


The URL used to specify API calls relates to the URL used when directly accessing the Acoustic Campaign with a web browser.

If your organization accesses the Acoustic Campaign through the engage1.silverpop.com URL, you use the XML API on Pod 1 (api1.ibmmarketingcloud.com/XMLAPI). If you access the Acoustic Campaign through the engage2.silverpop.com URL, then you use the XML APIs on Pod 2.

Submit Acoustic Campaign API requests to URLs

Submit each API request to the URL specified in the table.

1 api1.ibmmarketingcloud.com/XMLAPI
2 api2.ibmmarketingcloud.com/XMLAPI
3 api3.ibmmarketingcloud.com/XMLAPI
4 api4.ibmmarketingcloud.com/XMLAPI
5 api5.ibmmarketingcloud.com/XMLAPI
6 api6.ibmmarketingcloud.com/XMLAPI
7 api7.ibmmarketingcloud.com/XMLAPI
8 api8.ibmmarketingcloud.com/XMLAPI
9 api9.ibmmarketingcloud.com/XMLAPI
A apiA.ibmmarketingcloud.com/XMLAPI

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    I receive 4 emails with the same comment. Is there a way you can remove me from that service?

    • Hello,
      In the email notifications, there should be a link at the bottom that says:

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      Let me know if you can see this.

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  3. I’ve noticed the test harness submits all requests via HTTP, rather than HTTPS. This seems insecure given the XML envelope/payload calling the login method includes username and password. Does the XMLAPI respond to requests made via HTTPS?

  4. Can the Test Harness be updated to include the GDPR API’s?

    • Hi Mark,
      It’s on the road map to update the Test Harness, however, I do not have a final date at this time.

      Thank you

    • Hi Michael,
      While it is better to use Postman, we do have users who still use the test harness because it’s available, so we can’t remove it just yet.


  5. Pavel Pola March 15, 2019

    Hello, we’d like to secure requests to your API servers from our infrastructure. Could you please let me know what IP ranges are dedicated to each Pod?
    Thanks, Pavel

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