Transact Technical Issues

HTTP Times Out When Using Transact


  1. Verify the size of the request. Large requests might time out (we recommend no more than 10 contacts at a time).
  2. Look for internal and external network problems.
  3. If you do not receive a response envelope, do not resend the submission; contact Support.

Not Receiving Notification of Errors


  1. Make certain a Notification Email address has been set within (and is a valid email address).
  2. Contact Client Support.

Transact Bad Campaign ID Notification Error


  1. A transactional message group campaign was not properly set up within . The campaign must be set to the correct type.
  2. An mailing is not automated or active and assigned to the campaign.
  3. If campaign was recently set up, Transact may not have fully synchronized with (it can take up to 10 minutes).

Transact Duplicate Emails Sent


A transact batch request process may send duplicate mailings if a failure occurred in the middle of sending and the job restarted. This is normal and expected behavior and is safeguarded to have minimal resends.

Your system may be sending duplicate requests.

Transact Emails Not Sent


  1. Verify you have received a valid XML Response Document.
  2. If not, verify your system is sending.
  3. Contact Client Support.

Transact IP Address Errors


  1. An organization may be attempting to send requests without having configured the correct IP address.
  2. Your system has changed its ‘Send’ IP address (see User’s Guide for further details).
  3. Permitted IP addresses may not have synched yet with (allow up to 10 minutes).

Transact Parsing Errors


  1. Input request is not a properly formatted XML or fails to conform to schema.
  2. Embedded characters should be surrounded by CDATA tags. For example:<![CDATA[ ]]>

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