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Digital Analytics iOS package contents
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The Acoustic Digital Analytics software developer kit is an update to the Android application programming interfaces (APIs).

This SDK provides the following improvements over previous versions of the Android APIs:

  • Supports API level 16 to 29 (Android 4 to 10 (AndroidX))
  • Improved security with HTTPS support
  • Improved performance with asynchronous tagging
  • Improved instrumentation
  • Integrate with configuration files rather than source code
  • Improved infrastructure to manage offline use cases for mobile devices
  • Component-centric infrastructure to simplify maintenance and expansion of features.

Digital Analytics Android package contents

    There are two folders created for the Digital Analytics Android release that can be found on github, here: https://github.com/ibm-watson-cxa/SDK_Tools/tree/master/SDKPackages/da/android

  • DigitalAnalytics folder – Contains all the artifacts required for your Android application.
  • DAInstaller folder – Contains the ruby rake installer for Android Studio projects. It will add the library to the Android application in seconds with base defaults.

Digital Analytics Android SDK Tutorials

Other related documentation for Acoustic Analytics, Acoustic Experience Analytics (Tealeaf), and Digital Analytics

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