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Support for legacy headers

For customers that are upgrading from Tealeaf CX UI Capture for AJAX to Tealeaf UI Capture, support for some of the legacy headers submitted from CX UI Capture for AJAX are retained.

Header Description
X-TeaLeafType Type of client-side event set. Default value is GUI.
X-TeaLeaf-Page-Url Full URL of the parent page.
X-TeaLeaf-Page-Render Time in milliseconds for page to render.
X-TeaLeaf-Page-Objects Number of objects (object tags) on page.
X-TeaLeaf-Page-Img-Fail Number of bad images on the page.
X-TeaLeaf-Page-Gui-Exceptions Number of exceptions on the page.
X-TeaLeaf-Page-Dwell Dwell time on the page.
X-TeaLeaf-Page-Last-Field ID of the last visited form field on the page.
X-TeaLeaf-Visit-Order Visit order of the form fields on the page.


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