In the RegEx Tester, you can specify regular expressions and test them against data that you provide. You can enter regular expressions in some sections of the Configuration wizard. You can use the RegEx tester to test and validate a regular then copy the regular expression into the configuration. This minimizes syntax errors. The RegEx tester can only validate and provide the right syntax. The user is still required to ensure the regular expression is semantically valid.

RegEx options

This table lists and describes the RegEx Tester options:

Option Description

Enter your regular expression test.

  • By default, searches in the Test Sample data are case-sensitive. You can configure the test to do Case insensitive searches.
  • By default, the regular expression is matched against the first occurrence in the string.
  • To match the regular expression against all occurrences in the string, select the Global option. This option is not typically required.
Test Sample Enter your sample data to apply in the test. Use data specific to your web application, such as a sample request.

If a match is found for the regular expression in the test sample data, this value is true.

RegEx (ready)

Whether the regular expression evaluates to true or false, the value that you can use to insert the regular expression into any Configuration wizard text box is shown in this field. Copy and paste it as needed.

References to the case-insensitive or global flags are inserted. For example, the case-insensitive flag is added to the expression in the following manner: "flags": "i".


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