Initial configuration steps

Following are the basic steps in setting up your system.

  1. Configure the application by using the Configuration API. Use the Configuration API to setup your application configuration. The first parameter to configure is the periodicity for updating customer data. You can configure this for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.
    This value results in corresponding data layout in .
  2. Set up the initial customer profile fields by using the profile API. Use the Profile API to establish your initial customer attribute data. uses this data to evaluate customer behavior.
  3. Setup predictive and analytical models by using the Configuration API. Use the Configuration API to define settings for analytical and predictive models such as Customer Life Time Value (CLTV), customer engagement, and attrition.
  4. Get initial customer records into database by using the Import API. You import the .csv text file that contains customer profile data. Before you import, you must first encrypt the file, then upload the file by using the Swift command line.
  5. Get new and updated customer records into the database by using the Import API. Use Import API to continually add or update customer records.

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  1. Hey i am new to this tool, can i know how i will import data and perform nlp on the datasource

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