You can now preview the content that you created and stored in the Acoustic Content before you publish them. In preview mode, all your draft content is displayed as they would when they are published.

To access your hub in preview mode, use the same live URLs and replace the host with a dedicated preview host. To protect your draft content from being accessed by public before you publish the content, access to the preview mode is restricted to your hub viewer users.

Your preview host has a well-defined name that is derived from your API host name. The preview host name is the same as your API host name with the first segment of your fully qualified domain name that is suffixed with the String -preview.

  • API host corresponds to preview host:
  • API host corresponds to preview host:

Using preview with custom host names

When you use a custom host name, you must add a
CNAME mapping for the preview host to the same edge host name used by your custom host

You can use the Acoustic Content login APIs to authenticate to your preview host.

  • API base URL corresponds
    to preview login URL:
  • API base URL corresponds to preview login URL:

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