You can quickly access the published asset or content that you want through search. All assets and content items that are published to your delivery system and the categories are automatically registered at your Delivery search service. When an asset or content is deleted from your authoring system, the deleted asset or content is removed from your delivery search service. You can search for the published assets and content with the delivery search service. You can find the corresponding API documentation for the delivery search service in the Acoustic Content API. The delivery search service supports the same query format as the authoring search service.
The key differences between the authoring search and delivery search service are

  • You do not need prior authentication to use the delivery search service.
  • The delivery search service contains only the published items and assets. Unpublished draft content is not available in the delivery search service and your search results do not include any draft items.
  • The content that is returned by the delivery search service is in the delivery format as transformed by the publishing process.
For example, to search for all published assets that contain the string test in the asset name, you can use the following URL pattern:

https://{API URL}/delivery/v1/search?fq=classification:asset&q=name:test

where the API URL is constructed as Domain name/{path} where {path}= api/{Content hub ID}. You can construct the API URL by getting the Domain name and the Content hub ID from the Authoring UI or you can get the {API URL} from the Authoring UI. To get the Domain name, Content hub ID, or the API URL, from the ribbon, click About and then click Hub information. The Hub Information dialog displays the information.

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