IBM Watson Content Hub provides a delivery system that is optimized for highly efficient delivery of content to clients by using the Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure. The content that is created on the authoring system is made available on the delivery system by the publishing process. The publishing process copies and transforms the content and assets that are uploaded through the Watson Content Hub User interfaces to the Akamai CDN. As a result, your published content automatically gets replicated on the worldwide Akamai content delivery infrastructure to edge servers close to the users.


The publishing process is performed by publishing jobs. A publishing job handles all updates that are made to your content that is in the ready status since the last successful publishing run. Whenever your content authors update the content to the Publish status, Watson Content Hub automatically triggers a corresponding publishing job underneath the covers to transfer the corresponding updates to your delivery site. You can turn off this automatic publishing feature on your tenant by using the Publishing APIs. When you turn off the automatic publishing, all publish jobs are put on hold until you explicitly trigger the publish operation by using the wchtools command line interface or the Publishing APIs. For more information about wchtools and Publishing API, see wchtools-cli and API documentation.
The availability of content on the delivery site depends on the system load and the size of your content modifications. For example, depending on the size of the video file that is uploaded in the authoring system, there may be a delay of when the new or updated content is available on your delivery site.

Scheduled publishing

You can define specific publishing schedules from the Publishing tab in your Watson Content Hub UI. For more information about publishing schedule, see Publishing: share your content with the world. When you set a future publish date, WCH will put all publish jobs on hold until the next schedule event. If you want to trigger a publishing operation before the next scheduled publish event, you can do so by using the wchtools command line interface or the Publishing APIs.

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