The published versions of your assets can be accessed from your delivery system through the following two entry points:

  1. Asset path
  2. Resource ID

Accessing the published asset through the asset path addresses your published resource as public static resource. The published asset is directly retrieved from the replicated storage infrastructure that is provided by Akamai. The published assets gets cached for 1 day on Akamai. This entry point provides the best performance for accessing your published assets.

Note: The path-based URLs work only after your tenant is activated with Akamai. You might not be to access the assets through the asset path immediately as it takes some time for the Akamai activation.

Accessing the published assets through the resource ID identifies a specific asset binary. This access point is provided by the delivery resource service API. You can find the corresponding API documentation in the Watson Content Hub API documentation.

Note: Accessing the resource service API does not require authentication.

Resources by themselves are immutable in Watson Content Hub, so the binaries loaded from those URLs can be cached for ever, but they are not retrieved directly from the Akamai storage infrastructure. Use the delivery resource service API if you want to directly address a specific asset binary independent of the asset path. You can build the delivery URLs to access your assets by completing the steps that are provided in the following sections.

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