You can obtain the ID for an asset from from the Watson Content Hub user interface. Open the asset that you want and click the API Information icon below the asset. You can also obtain the ID of the resource for an asset from the asset JSON records.The JSON record contains the resource property with the ID of the asset. You can access the API information needed to get the JSON record from the Watson Content Hub user interface by clicking the API Information icon below the asset. You can also get the ID from the JSON returned by the Authoring Asset service or the results of the Authoring Search service. Follow the steps that are provided in Accessing assets by their path to retrieve the JSON record for an asset.

Note: You must be authenticated to use the Authoring asset service APIs. If you are timed out or did not authenticate, an error is returned.

Provide the resource ID from the JSON record in the following URL pattern to access the resource that is associated to a published asset:

https://{API URL}/delivery/v1/resources/{resource-id}

and replace {API URL} with your tenant API URL from WCH Authoring UI. Open the User menu by clicking the drop down arrow near the user name and then click Hub information. A pop-up window displays the API URL from the Hub Information dialog. Replace resource-id with the resource ID that you retrieved from the JSON record.

More information on this API can be found here: API Explorer.