The content and website pages that you publish from IBM Watson Content Hub are by default accessible to everyone and does not require authentication. You can secure and restrict access to selected published content and website pages.

To secure and restrict who can access the secured content, your hub administrator must first set the security in the security tab of your hub’s general settings.

When the secured content items are published only users that can successfully authenticate to your hub can access them. This restriction also applies to all API entry points that directly or indirectly serve the published content or pages, such as the delivery content service, the delivery site service, the delivery render service, and the delivery search service.

Accessing protected published content and pages through API

All delivery services that support secured published data offer dedicated API routes for accessing the secured data. All those routes use the common /mydelivery base context as opposed to the /delivery context that serves the public (unprotected) content. The following routes are available:

  • /mydelivery/v1/content
  • /mydelivery/v1/sites
  • /mydelivery/v1/search
  • /mydelivery/v1/rendering

All /mydelivery APIs require a valid hub security context. You must first log in before you can call these APIs. Otherwise, the requests are rejected. The /delivery routes serve only the non-restricted data even when called with a valid hub security context (to maintain cachability). Detailed information on those API routes can be found in the API documentation.

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