Help your company grab hold of their marketing data using Acoustic Exchange.

Easily connect your marketing technology platforms, understand cross-channel behaviors and personalize engagement.

What is Acoustic Exchange?

The Acoustic Exchange ecosystem enables marketers with near real-time customer insights, engagement and the ability to orchestrate automated, personalized marketing strategies across channels in a more unified way. Help your company integrate with UBX today.


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Acoustic Exchange

Acoustic Exchange is a cloud-based service that enables products and solutions from Acoustic and participating Business Partners to exchange data about customers and their behaviors.



The new era of marketing begins now.

Acoustic products

Illuminating new insights from data that others can’t even see helps every campaign become stronger and more successful. For all your customers. Across every channel.

  • Acoustic Analytics

    Make adjustments along the customer journey to improve engagement and satisfaction.

  • Acoustic Exchange

    Easily connect your marketing technology platforms, and cross-channel behaviors.

  • Acoustic Content

    Create, manage, and deliver engaging messages and present an iconic brand experience.

  • Acoustic Campaign

    Quickly design and automate consistent cross-channel experiences.

parse alternative

As we all read in January, Parse is sunsetting their services, including those for push notifications. Parse was a wonderful service offering an easy to implement, unbundled platform-as-a-service for mobile developers. Many of you may have been Parse users, it may even be used in other parts of your organization. While those looking for a Parse alternative may view this as a burden, I see it as an opportunity.

Since the time you began using Parse, there has almost certainly been growth in your user base. It’s no surprise, you and your team put a tremendous amount of effort into your app. Yet, as many studies show, most apps are downloaded, used once, then deleted. These studies continue to show that apps using targeted mobile messages show much higher levels of engagement over time. Not only that – but linking your mobile channel with offers and notifications in other channels such as email and SMS also show a higher likelihood to engage and respond.

If improving engagement and driving more revenue through your app are of interest to you, here is the easiest way to build on your investment with IBM Marketing Cloud Mobile:

  • Step 1: Try building one of the sample apps included in our SDK packages: iOS, Android, Windows 10, Cordova.
  • Step 2: Once you set up the sample app, it’s easy to implement the Push Notification SDK into your app using the implementation guides here: iOS, Android, Windows 10, Cordova.
  • Step 3: Get provisioned by scheduling a demo on IBM Marketing Cloud Mobile.
  • Step 4: Set up your App Keys to use your providers.
  • Step 5: Start sending hyper-targeted push and in-app messages to your mobile app users.

Your mobile organization (and your app) has come such a long way since you began your journey, and now is the perfect time to shift from batch-and-blast push notifications to a Parse alternative that offers targeted, valuable, and relevant engagement. Your app deserves it.

Get a live demo today.