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This interface allows adding a column to an existing Watson Campaign Automation database.


  1. Syntax of the request and response SOAP for AddListColumn

    Operation <AddListColumn>
    Elements LIST_ID The ID of the Watson Campaign Automation database the column is being added to. 
      COLUMN_NAME The name of the column being added.

    Defines what type of column to create. The following is a list of valid values:

    0 – Text column

    1 – YES/No column

    2 – Numeric column

    3 – Date column

    4 – Time column

    5 – Country column

    6 – Select one

    8 – Segmenting

    17 – Timestamp

    20 – Multi‐Select

      DEFAULT Specifies the default value for the new column. For a multi‐select column, the default value will be a semi‐colon delimited list of values. 
      SELECTION_VALUES Optional Used to define possible values for ‘Select one’ and ‘Multi’Select’ type columns.
        Child Elements VALUE A possible value for a selection column.
    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" 
    xmlns:sil1="SilverpopApi:EngageService.ListMgmt.UserActions"> <soapenv:Header> <sil:sessionHeader> <sil:sessionid>07CD20A029FA5D80C97EA0F0B81BD5B0</sil:sessionid> </sil:sessionHeader> </soapenv:Header> <soapenv:Body> <sil1:AddListColumn> <sil1:LIST_ID>90123</sil1:LIST_ID> <sil1:COLUMN_NAME>InterestedIn</sil1:COLUMN_NAME> <sil1:COLUMN_TYPE>20</sil1:COLUMN_TYPE> </sil1:AddListColumn> </soapenv:Body> </soapenv:Envelope>
    Response <RESULT>
    Elements SUCCESS TRUE if successful.
    <envelope:Envelope xmlns:envelope="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
      <envelope:Body xmlns="SilverpopApi:EngageService.ListMgmt.UserActions">

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