Skill Level: Intermediate


Use this REST API to retrieve rows of relational table data that is joined to a specific database contact.


  1. Access the Swagger User Interface for the Associated Relational Table REST API

    1. Create a database.
    2. Import a relational table.
    3. Associate the relational table with the database.
    4. Set up the App in the Application Account Access area located under Settings. This setup provides a client_token, client_secret and a refresh_token.
    5. Use the client_token, client_secret and refresh_token to access the REST API.

    Example call for associated relational table REST API

    Example of an Associated Relational Table REST API call.


    /databases/{lid}/relationaltables/{rtid}/rows{lid} = Database Id{rtid} = Relational Table Id

    Example of a call

    In Post


    “joinedFields”: [


    “name”: “emailaddress”,

    “value”: “carol@acme.com”



    “fields”: [


    Sample output

    Note: Order ID is a key column in the table.









    <string>2016-04-12 00:00:00.0</string>






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