Skill Level: Beginner


This interface supports programmatically calculating the number of contacts for a query.

A data job is submitted to calculate the query and GetJobStatus must be used to determine whether the data job is complete. You can call the Calculate Query data job for a particular query if the query size was not calculated in the last 12 hours.


  1. Syntax of the request and response XML for CalculateQuery

    Operation <CalculateQuery>
    Elements QUERY_ID The ID of the Query to be calculated.
    Response <RESULT>
    Elements SUCCESS TRUE if successful.
      JOB_ID Identifies the Acoustic Campaign Background Job that is created and scheduled for this export.  

    To obtain the job status, you will have to use the GetJobStatus API.

2 comments on"Calculate the current contacts for a query"

  1. Where do I find QUERY_ID # for a specific query?

    • Hover over the link to the query in the folder. It will be in the URL or as a box over the link.

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