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  1. In the ribbon, go to Settings > User settings > Manage API keys

    This page is where you can generate, update, or delete API keys.

    Only you can view and manage the keys that you create. Protect each key you generate as you would a password. Actions taken with a key are attributed to the user that created the key.

  2. Generate an API key

    1. Select Generate key. The system generates a key and temporarily displays a plain text version. The system creates a default name for the connection. The name of the key is unique and identifies the new key in the list of keys that you create.
    2. Click Copy key to clipboard. You can apply the copied key in another application to configure a connection to Watson Marketing Insights or you can save the key in a text file for use later.
    3. You can edit the default name and add a description to the key record. Select Save changes to update the modified name and description. If you click Close before saving, the system records the creation of the key with the default name.
    4. After you create an API key and close the Manage API keys window, the system discards the plain text version of the key that you created. The system saves an encrypted value for the key that cannot be decrypted or recovered.
  3. Update an API key record

    1. Click the name of the key you want to update, or click Edit icon.
    2. Edit the name or description and select Save.

    Note: You cannot update or modify the API key. You can only update the name and description that you assigned to the key.

  4. Deleting an API key

    1. In your list of keys, click Delete key icon in the row that contains the name of the key that you want to delete. To delete multiple keys, select the keys that you want to delete then click Delete Delete key icon.
    2. When prompted, confirm the deletions.

    Note: You cannot recover a key after you delete it and other applications cannot use the key to access Watson Marketing Insights.

Expected outcome

You can create, update, and delete your API keys as needed.

Note: You cannot recover a key if you lose or forget it. Instead, you must generate a new key. You should delete any keys that might be compromised or no longer needed.

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