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At least one app group must be set up before you can send a mobile app message. An app group can contain one or more apps. If you have multiple apps, adding these to the same app group allows you set up a single send for multiple apps. For example, you may wish to send a mobile app message to iOS, Android or Windows versions of your app. Note that you may have to enter information once for iOS, once for Android, and once for Windows but your message will be tracked as a single send.

An App Group can contain Apps with any and/or all Operating Systems:

  • APNS – Apple
  • GCM – iOS
  • WNS – Windows


  1. Create an app group.

    1. In Campaign Automation, go to Development > Mobile Apps > Apps.
    2. Select New app group. The New app group page displays.
    3. Enter the name and description of the new app group.
    4. Click Add.

      This launches Select app picker and displays one or more apps that can be selected/added to your App group.

      Click the checkmark to select the app(s) you wish to add to your app group or use the Search field to filter and find the desired app. An App Group can contain Apps with any and/or all Operating Systems (APNS, GCM and WNS).

      Note: You can display 10, 15, 50, 100 or All rows.

    5. Click Save.
      The New app group page opens with your selected apps displayed. Click Save to save your app group or click Remove to delete an app from the app group.
    6. Click Close to return to the list of App groups.
  2. Edit an app group

    1. From the list of App groups displayed on the App groups page, click Edit.
    2. The Edit app group page opens where you can add or remove an app from your app group. Click Save.

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