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Watson Campaign Automation exports the results to a CSV file, then adds that file to the FTP account associated with the current session. You can copy the results file to Stored Files in Watson Campaign Automation.

Note: If the database is a Double Opt-in database, Watson Campaign Automation exports only confirmed contacts. In addition, the database security settings that allow this operation to be used are disabled by default for all Double Opt-In databases.


  1. Syntax of the request and response XML for ExportList

    Operation <ExportList>
    Elements LIST_ID Unique identifier for the database, query, or contact list Watson Campaign Automation is exporting.
      EMAIL Optional If specified, this email address receives notification when the job is complete.
      EXPORT_TYPE Specifies which contacts to export. Valid values are:

    • ALL – export entire database.
    • OPT_IN – export only currently opted-in contacts.
    • OPT_OUT – export only currently opted-out contacts.
    • UNDELIVERABLE – export only contacts who are currently marked as undeliverable.
      EXPORT_FORMAT Specifies the format (file type) for the exported data. Valid values are:

    • CSV – create a comma-separated values file.
    • TAB – create a tab-separated values file.
    • PIPE – create a pipe-separated values file.
      FILE_ENCODING Optional Defines the encoding of the exported file. Supported values are:

    • utf-8
    • iso-8859-1

    If not specified, Watson Campaign Automation uses the Organization default encoding.

      ADD_TO_STORED_FILES Optional

    Use the ADD_TO_STORED_FILES parameter to write the output to the Stored Files folder within Watson Campaign Automation.

    If you omit the ADD_TO_STORED_FILES parameter, Watson Campaign Automation¬†moves exported files to the download directory of the user’s FTP space.

      DATE_START Optional

    Specifies the beginning boundary of information to export (relative to the last modified date). If time is included, it must be in 24-hour format.

      DATE_END Optional Specifies the ending boundary of information to export (relative to the last modified date). If time is included, it must be in 24-hour format.
    ¬† USE_CREATED_DATE Optional If included, the DATE_START and DATE_END range are relative to the contact’s create date rather than last modified date.

    Note: The contact’s create date might not always be the same as the contacts opted in date.
      INCLUDE_LEAD_SOURCE Optional Specifies whether to include the Lead Source column in the resulting file. Supported values are:

    • true
    • false

    If the element is not included in the request, the Lead Source column does not appear in the generated file.

    Note: This element is only used when not using EXPORT_COLUMNS to export specific database columns.
    ¬† LIST_DATE_FORMAT Optional Used to specify the date format of the date fields in your exported file if date format differs from “mm/dd/yyyy” (month, day, and year can be in any order you choose). Valid values for Month are:

    • MM (for example, 01)
    • M (for example, 1)
    • MMM (for example, Jan)
    • MMMM (for example, January)

    Valid values for Day are:

    • dd (for example, 02)
    • d (for example, 2)

    Valid values for Year are:

    • yyyy (for example, 1999)
    • yy (for example, 99)

    Separators can be up to two characters in length and can consist of periods, commas, question marks, spaces, and forward slashes (/).


    • If dates in your file are formatted as “Jan 2, 1975” your LIST_DATE_FORMAT would be “MMM d, yyyy”.
    • If dates in your file are formatted as “1975/09/02” your LIST_DATE_FORMAT would be “yyyy/MM/dd”.
      INCLUDE_RECIPIENT_ID Optional Include this parameter to return Recipient ID in the exported field.
      EXPORT_COLUMNS Optional XML node that is used to request specific custom database columns to export for each contact.
        COLUMN The name of a column to export. All custom columns can be specified by using their name. The following System columns are also available:

    • CRM Account ID
    • CRM Contact Type
    • CRM Enable Sync
    • CRM Lead Source
    • CRM Sync ID
    • Email
    • Email Type
    • Opt In Date
    • Opt In Details
    • Opt Out Details
    • Opted Out
    • Opted Out Date
    • Last Modified Date
    • 348328

          <DATE_START>06/25/2017 01:00:00</DATE_START>
          <DATE_END>06/28/2017 23:59:59</DATE_END>
    Response <RESULT>
    Elements SUCCESS True if successful
      JOB_ID Identifies the Watson Campaign Automation Background Job that is created and scheduled for this import.
      FILE_PATH Identifies the file name of the exported file.
          <FILE_PATH>/download/Master Customer List - All - 
           Feb 2 2018 02-25-08 PM.CSV</FILE_PATH>

10 comments on"Export from a database"

  1. In making this request, I get a response that simply mirrors my request — I get my own sessionID, listID, file format etc returned to many. Can you help troubleshoot?

  2. var Request = require(“request”);

    “headers”: { “content-type”: “text/xml;charset=utf-8”},
    “url”: “https://api3.ibmmarketingcloud.com/XMLAPI”,




    , (error, response, body) => {
    if(error) {
    return console.dir(error);

    • Hello Leslie,
      Can you explain to me exactly what you are trying to accomplish?

      Thank you

  3. When using exportlist API is it possible to specify a filename? I ask because i’d like to export the same list daily with different criteria and currently they are both named the same.

  4. Jeri R Ellis March 15, 2019

    Hello Adrian,
    I don’t believe file names can be used. Do your lists have different List IDs? They should and you should be able to use the List ID. let me know if this works for you.

    Thank you

  5. How can I download the file in the XML response ?

  6. Gourav Patel July 03, 2019

    I want to export an already existing suppression file from our account on SilverPop to our FTP on a daily basis. Is there a way to schedule this daily export for the suppression List ? If yes how can I check the schedule of this export in SilverPop ?

  7. Gourav Patel July 03, 2019

    I want to export a Suppression File from our account in SilverPop to our FTP on a daily basis. Is there a way to schedule the export for this suppression list on a daily basis? If yes how can I schedule this export & where can I check it?


  8. Gourav_Patel July 03, 2019

    I want to export a suppression list on a daily basis to our FTP from one of our SilverPop accounts. Is there a way to schedule this export on a daily basis? If yes how can I schedule this export of the suppression list & where can I check the schedule on SilverPop?


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