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This interface extracts mailing tracking metrics and creates a .zip file containing one or more flat files (plain text with one row of data per line) for extracted mailing metrics.


  1. Syntax of the request and response SOAP for TrackingMetricExport

    Operation <TrackingMetricExport>    
    Elements  MAILING_ID ID of the mailing for which to export metrics. The account used to log on to the current session must own this mailing. If you specified an Autoresponder mailing ID, Watson Campaign Automation will generate a metrics file per Report ID for each metric.    
      REPORT_ID  Optional

    This parameter directs Watson Campaign Automation to retrieve a specific Report ID
    for the specified Mailing ID. This eliminates the need for multiple file generation, consolidating it to one set of files, by metric, for the Report ID (which can be useful for Groups of Automated Messages).

    Often used with an Automated Mailing ID to gather metrics for a certain instance of the automated mailing. 

      EXPORT_FORMAT Optional

    Specifies the format for the exported data. Valid values are:
    CSV ‚Äď create a comma separated values file TSV ‚Äď create a tab‚Äźseparated values file
    PIPE ‚Äď create a pipe‚Äźseparated values file.

    If you do not specify the parameter, the default format is CSV. 

      LIST_ID  Used as an alternative to Mailing ID. When specified, Watson Campaign Automation returns data
    for all mailings associated with the Database (or query). Do not use both
    Database ID and Mailing ID at the same time.
      EMAIL Optional  If specified, the provided email address receives notification
    when the job is complete. 
    ¬† SEND_DATE_START Optional Specifies the beginning “Send” boundary for information to
    receive. If omitted, Watson Campaign Automation default is 30 days. If time is included, it must be in 24‚Äźhour format.¬†
    ¬† SEND_DATE_END¬† Optional¬† Specifies the ending “Send” boundary for information to
    receive. If omitted, Watson Campaign Automation default is 30 days. If time is
    included, it must be in 24‚Äźhour format.¬†
      MOVE_TO_FTP Optional  Used to retrieve the output file programmatically. If specified, Watson Campaign Automation moves files to the download directory of the user’s FTP space. If you omit MOVE_TO_FTP parameter, Watson Campaign Automation will
    place exported files in the Export Files area of Watson Campaign Automation.

    Generates CSV files for all aggregate metrics with one row per mailing and Report ID.

    This includes data for HTML, AOL, and
    text versions of the mailing. 

      AGGREGATE_SUMMARY  Optional Provides a summary of all aggregate metrics data in a single file. 
      ALL_METRICS_FORWARDS  Optional  Generates one CSV file for metrics from forwarded mailings. 
      AGGREGATE_CLICKS Optional  Sends Aggregate Clicks data.
      AGGREGATE_CLICKSTREAMS  Optional Sends Aggregate Clickstream data. 
      AGGREGATE_CONVERSIONS Optional  Delivers Aggregate Conversions data.
      AGGREGATE_ATTACHMENTS  Optional  Delivers Aggregate Attachments data. 
      AGGREGATE_MEDIA  Optional Specify if you want to receive Aggregate Media data. 
      AGGREGATE_SUPPRESSIONS  Optional  Specify if you want to receive Aggregate Suppressions data. 
      MAIL_TRACK_INTERVAL Optional  Receive Mail track interval data. 
      TOP_DOMAINS Optional  Receive Top Domains data. 
      EXCLUDE_IM_FROM_METRICS  Optional Specify if you want to exclude Inbox Monitoring emails. 
    Example¬† <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=”http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/”
    <rep:SEND_DATE_START>06/01/2009 00:00:00</rep:SEND_DATE_START>
    <rep:SEND_DATE_END>07/02/2009 23:59:00</rep:SEND_DATE_END>
    Response <RESULT>     
    Elements SUCCESS True if successful   
    ¬† MAILING¬† XML nodes defining the user‚Äźcreated column name and value.¬† ¬†
      Child Element JOB_ID  Specifies resulting Background Job ID for the export. You can use this value with the GET_JOB_STATUS and/or DELETE_JOB APIs. 
        MAILING_ID  Returns the Mailing ID. Matches MAILING_ID from the API request. 
        FILE_PATH  Returns the file name of the exported file.
        SENT_DATE  Returns the Send Date of a mailing whose metrics are being exported. 
    Example <envelope:Envelope xmlns=”SilverpopApi:EngageService.Reporting”
    <SENT_DATE>06/09/09 06:36 AM</SENT_DATE>

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