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The IBM Mobile App Messaging SDK is one component in the IBM Device Location Awareness service. The other component is the DLA UI. DLA allows Watson Campaign Automation (WCA) marketers to send location-based messages. To enable location-based messaging for markerters, location administrators use the DLA UI to define locations and developers configure the SDK for locations.


Before you get started, a location administrator must configure locations of interest by using the DLA UI. For information, see Device Location Awareness.

Note: Only Xamarin.Forms is supported.


To configure the SDK for DLA, developers perform the following steps.


  1. Ensure that the IBM Mobile App Messaging SDK is integrated with your mobile apps.

  2. Enable the SDK for locations.

Expected outcome

After location administrators and developers complete these tasks, location events are generated and sent to the Watson Campaign Automation server where they are converted into Universal Behavior events. Marketers can then add locaton events to programs and queries.

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