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If your application can benefit from location based messaging, and the trigger area is large, unmoving, outside and predefined, you might want to consider using Geofence technology instead of Beacons. Geofences can be a very effective way of sending push messages to users at the right place at the right time. Geofence radii should be large enough to contain the area of interest, including some external area so GPS can be effective. But, it should also not be too large as to send messages to users too far away to be interested in them.


  1. Application must be integrated with the Acoustic SDK Plugin
  2. Acoustic Location Plugin

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  1. Install the plugin

    npm install <sdk folder>/plugins/react-native-acoustic-campaign-mobile-geofence
  2. Link the plugin

    react-native link react-native-acoustic-campaign-mobile-geofence
  3. Customize settings in ‘MceConfig.json’

  4. Enter your geo locations and radii in the web interface

Expected outcome

Need more help? Check out all of our available tutorials for mobile app messaging here.


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