Skill Level: Intermediate


Go to https://www.getpostman.com/apps to download and install Postman. After you have intalled Postman, visit the the Postman Collection article to import our collection of XML APIs into your Postman application.


  1. Access the Watson Campaign Automation API collection in Postman

    Once you have imported the Watson Campaign Automation API collection into Postman, you will select the Collection area in the left pane to view the available API calls.

  2. Generate Access Tokens

    Vist the following pages to learn how to get started with oAuth and how to authenticate your API requests. You will take the access tokens that are generated from the steps in these articles and use them in Postman.

    Once you have generated the access tokens in your Watson Campaign Automation organization, you will select Generate an Access Token within the Postman collection shown here.

    You will then see the following screen. Be sure that you have clicked Body.

    Note: Make sure to replace the X in the URL with your Pod number. If you cannot remember your Pod number, contact our Support Team.

    Removing the braces (curly brackets), you will then copy and paste the the client_id, client_secret and refresh_token into the Value column on your Postman screen. Click Send and your tokens will be generated.

    From this point, you can make your API calls inside Postman by selecting the call type from the Collections area and entering your information in the Body area of Postman.

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