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This interface imports a .zip containing the XML file defining a Dynamic Content Ruleset and any associated HTML or images. Imported files are loaded from the user’s FTP upload directory.

If the user does not specify a MAILING_ID or RULESET_ID, Engage creates a new Ruleset in the user’s Private folder of the Asset Library. If the user does specify a RULESET_ID, Engage replaces the Ruleset.

Note: A ruleset may contain no more than 1,000 rules.


  1. Syntax of the request and response SOAP for ImportDCRuleset

    Operation <ImportDCRuleset>    
    Elements FILE_NAME The name of the .zip file located in the user’s FTP upload directory.  
      LIST_ID The ID of the associated database.  
      MAILING_ID Optional Associates a Ruleset directly to a mailing. This will NOT place a
    copy of the Ruleset in the Asset Library.
      RULESET_ID Optional Specifies an existing Ruleset to use in place of imported content.
    Example <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=”http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/”
    Response <RESULT>    
    Elements SUCCESS

    “True” indicates successful Data Job submission.

    “False” indicates an error occurred in which the error code displayed with a
    message reporting the issue.

      JOB_ID Contains the Data Job ID for the import.  
    Example <envelope:Envelope xmlns=”SilverpopApi:EngageService.MailManagement.UserActions”
  2. The following table describes the .zip file format

    RULESET_NAME Optional The name of the DC Ruleset if creating a new Ruleset using
      CONTENT_AREAS The content area defines default content used when a user falls outside of all
    existing rule criteria.
      Child Element CONTENT_AREA Optional Included if content being defined. It is possible to create a
    Ruleset and associated rules in the Asset Library without
    related content areas.
        Attribute name The name of the Content Area being defined    
          type The type of Content Area. The following values are valid:
        Child Element DEFAULT_CONTENT Content that displays if there is no matching rule. Must be set
    to CDATA for HTML content.
          Attribute name The name of the Content Block being
      Child Element RULE        
        Child Element RULE_NAME The name of the Dynamic Content Rule.    
          PRIORITY The priority of the rule vs. other rules. Number must be
    unique. Priority is determined in ascending order with ‘1’
    being the highest.
          Child Element EXPRESSION    
            Child Element AND_OR Used to denote ‘AND’
    or ‘OR’ when defining
    relationships between
              LEFT_PARENS Used to denote a left
    parenthesis character
    when defining
    relationships between
              TYPE The type of
    expression. Valid
    values are:
    ‘NE’ – Numeric
    ‘DE’ – Date/Time
    ‘TE’ – Text
              COLUMN_NAME The name of the
    database field being
              OPERATORS The operator used for
    comparison. Valid
    values are:
    ‘IS NOT null’
    ‘IS null’
    ‘NOT like’
    ‘NOT in’
              VALUES The value being
    compared to the
    Watson Campaign Automation database
    field. Can be text,
    numeric, or date value
    OR a list of values or
    the name of a
    Column. If specifying
    a Column, surround
    with square brackets,
    for example, [My Text
    Column]. If specifying
    a list of values, use |
    (pipe character) to
    separate values in the
              RIGHT_PARENS Used to denote a right
    parenthesis character
    when defining
    relationships between
          Child Element CONTENT Optional This is the content that
    will show for contacts
    matching the criteria of this rule. For HTML
    content, this must be
            Attribute content_area The previously defined
    Content Area where the content will be placed in
    the mailing body.
              name The name of the Content Block being
    Example <RULESET>
    <CONTENT_AREA name=”dc_mailing_subject” type=”Subject”>
    <DEFAULT_CONTENT name=”Default.dc_mailing_subject”><![CDATA[All
    clothing on sale this week.]]></DEFAULT_CONTENT>
    <CONTENT_AREA name=”dc_promo” type=”Body‐HTML”>
    <DEFAULT_CONTENT name=”Default.dc_promo”><![CDATA[10% Off
    <CONTENT name=”male_subject”
    content_area=”dc_mailing_subject”><![CDATA[Men’s clothing on sale this week.]]></CONTENT>
    <CONTENT name=”male_promo”
    content_area=”dc_promo”><![CDATA[20% Off All Men’s Clothing]]></CONTENT>
    <RULE_NAME>Female Promotion</RULE_NAME>
    <CONTENT name=”female_promo”
    content_area=”dc_promo”><![CDATA[20% Off All Women’s Clothing]]></CONTENT>
    <CONTENT name=”female_subject”
    content_area=”dc_mailing_subject”><![CDATA[Women’s clothing on sale this week.]]></CONTENT>

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