Skill Level: Intermediate


This interface is used for programmatically creating or updating a Relational Table in Watson Campaign Automation.

This operation requires a mapping file and source file that is stored on the FTP server that is related to the Watson Campaign Automation account used to login. When the Relational Table source and mapping files are uploaded to the FTP server, you can make an ImportTable API call to start the job. See Relational Table Definition and Column Mapping Format for more information.

Note:¬†This operation does not associate the relational table to a database. See “Associate Relational Data to Contacts in a Database” for creating the association.

The table information shows the syntax for the API request and response.


  1. Syntax of the request and response XML for ImportTable

    Operation <ImportTable>
    Elements MAP_FILE The name of the Mapping file in the upload directory on the FTP server to use for the import.  
      SOURCE_FILE The name of the file that contains the Relational Table data to use in the import. This file must be in the upload directory on the FTP server.  
      EMAIL Optional If specified, this email address receives notification when the job is complete.
      FILE_ENCODING Optional

    Defines the encoding of the source file. Supported values are:

    • UTF-8
    • ISO-8859-1

    If not specified, the Watson Campaign Automation uses the Org default encoding.

    Response <RESULT>
    Elements SUCCESS True if successful.  
      JOB_ID Identifies the Acoustic Campaign background job that is created and scheduled for this import.  

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