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  1. Syntax of the request and response XML for ListRecipientMailings

    Note: This operation returns mailings with associated events (for example, Open, Clickthrough, and Bounce).

    Operation <ListRecipientMailings>
    Elements LIST_ID Unique ID of the database or query whose mailings you are requesting.
      RECIPIENT_ID Unique ID of the contact for whom to look up mailings.

    Response <RESULT>
    Elements SUCCESS True if successful.
      Mailing Zero or more XML nodes that contain the definition of each mailing.
    Each mode must contain all of the following elements.
      Child Element MailingName Name of the mailing (enclosed in CDATA tags).
        Mailing ID Unique ID of the mailing.
        SentTS Time the Acoustic Campaign sent the mailing.
        TotalOpens Total messages opened.
        TotalClickstreams Total clickstreams clicked.
        TotalClicks Total links clicked.
        TotalConversions Total link conversions.
        TotalAttachments Total attachments opened.
        TotalForwards Total times message was forwarded.
        TotalMediaPlays Total times media was played.
        TotalBounces Total bounces.
        TotalOptOuts Total times opted out of mailings.
              <![CDATA[Digital Engage (1)]]>
            <SentDateTime>6/22/04 10:12 AM</SentDateTime>

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