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You can automate a mailing to send after contacts successfully Opt In or Edit Profile using a Web form associated. You can also set automation for custom events, which are triggered by an API request.

The SendMailing operation sends a mailing to the specified contact. The SendMailing operation is specifically for the delivery of autoresponders based on a custom event. This operation will NOT send a mailing Template.The Mailing ID must be for an existing, custom event autoresponder and the contact email address must be for
a contact who already exists in the database associated with the mailing. See the Add a Contact for information on adding a contact to a database.

Each Send is queued for message generation and delivery. They do not always send immediately, but receive slices of processing time as determined by an algorithm. Small sends such as these are typically built and sent within a range of seconds‚Äźto‚Äźminutes, but that varies based on several factors such as concurrent system usage.

Note: There is a limit of 10,000 SendMailing API calls per day for an Organization. If you plan to send more than 10,000 transactional emails per day, please contact your IBM account manager to discuss alternatives.


  1. Syntax of the request and response SOAP for SendMailing

    Operation <SendMailing>   
    Elements MailingId Identifies the mailing Watson Campaign Automation will send.  
      COLUMNS Optional XML nodes defining the column name and value for the database’s keyfields. Note: Each node must have a Name tag and a Value tag. If the database has a key that is not Email, Unique key columns must also be part of the submission with column names and values.  
      Child Elements COLUMN  XML nodes defining the column name and value. Note: Each node must have a Name tag and a Value tag. If the database has a key that is not Email, Unique key columns must also be part of the submission with column names and values. 
        Child Elements Name Defines the field name.
          Value Contains the field value.
    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"


    Response <RESPONSE>   
      ORGANIZATION_ID Identifies your Watson Campaign Automation Organization.  


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