Skill Level: Beginner


This interface updates a column value for all records in a Restricted database or a Classic query. If a Classic query is specified, contact in the parent database is updated if they are in the Classic query.


  1. Syntax of the request and response XML for SetColumnValue

    Operation <SetColumnValue>
    Elements LIST_ID The ID of the Restricted database or Classic query that is used to determine what contacts to update.
      COLUMN_NAME The name of the database column that is being updated.
      COLUMN_VALUE Optional The value the database column is set to. This element is required when the ACTION is
      ACTION The action to take on the database column. Possible values for ACTION are:

    • 0 – Reset (sets the value to ‘null’ or 0 depending on type).
    • 1 – Update (set to the VALUE passed in).
    • 2 – Increment (increment by 1)
      EMAIL Optional If specified, this email address receives notification when the job is complete.

    Response <RESULT>
    Elements SUCCESS TRUE if successful.
      JOB_ID Identifies the Acoustic Campaign Background Job that is created to set column values.

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