Skill Level: Intermediate


  • Install a REST client, such as PostMan, found in the Chrome web store. IBM does not endorse a particular tool. Before using a tool, make sure that you read the terms and conditions.
  • Along with Provisioning, complete the API user setup.
    • You have the¬†SMS API authentication¬†username and password of the API user. To make SMS API calls, Provisioning requests a username and password on your behalf. You will receive an email notification with the username and password credentials from our SMS partner.
  • Open a new Chrome browser (that is not logged into the SMS Campaign Manager).

Note: This test is applicable in these situations:


  1. Steps to test any SMS API call

    Note: This example uses the Gateway API call.

    1. Launch Postman in Chrome.
    2. Click Basic Auth.
    3. With the credentials you received via email from our SMS partner, type the username and password.
    4. Click Refresh Headers to generate the Basic Auth token.
    5. Construct your request URL. Here’s an example, using the Gateway API: https://communicatepro.mgage.com/api/gateway?message=Testing the API Gateway for SMS 2.0&message_billed=no&message_type=sms&numbers=17277539473
    6. Make sure the selection next to the URL params button is POST.
    7. Paste the request URL into the Enter request URL here field, located above Authorization. You can click URL params to see all of the parameters and the values passed over, based on the Request URL entered, and verify these parameters.
    8. Click Send. You should see a 200 response.
    9. The SMS platform is very quick, and the message should arrive in the SMS Phone Number’s inbox within a second or two.

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