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Note: The file name of the IBM Tealeaf target page must include TealeafTarget in it for easy identification. Do not change this file name after you configure IBM Tealeaf UI Capture.

Complete the following steps to verify that there are no impediments to the capture and processing of the IBM Tealeaf target page in your system.


  1. In the Web Console of the IBM Tealeaf Passive Capture Application, you configure file extensions to drop from capture. Verify that the file extension used for your IBM Tealeaf target page is not dropped from capture.

  2. In the IBM Tealeaf RealiTea Viewer, some file extensions are treated as interpreted pages, which means that the pages are interpreted on the web server before they are delivered to RealiTea Viewer. Verify that the extension for your IBM Tealeaf target page file name does not appear in the list of possible interpreted pages in RealiTea Viewer.

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