I get this question all the time. As we have discussed before, Db2 Warehouse provides a software defined architecture, quickly adapting to the pool of compute, storage and networking resources. It is this trait of the software that makes it really versatile in deploying it across private cloud and virtual private clouds.
A virtual private cloud by definition provides the ability to stand-up an on-demand pool of resources in a public cloud environment with a level of isolation for secure data transfer between a private enterprise and a public cloud provider. This mechanism of keeping customer’s data isolated from every other customer’s data both in transit and inside the cloud provider’s network.
Db2 Warehouse can easily span from Customer’s data center to a VPC such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure stack or even OpenStack architecture.  This kind of flexibility leads to enabling a Hybrid Cloud Architecture that not all Cloud data warehouse software can support.
As you user, you have no barriers or limitation in terms of deploying the DB2 Warehouse in the infrastructure of your choice. We also facilitate sizing exercise to match your costs and performance SLAs.
We have some getting started videos on how to deploy Db2 Warehouse (formerly dashDB Local) on Amazon Web Services-AWS and Microsoft Azure:
Learning Center

We hope you take advantage of these resources and share your experience with us.

Originally published on September 17, 2017
by Mitesh Shah, Product Manager, Hybrid Data Management Platform, IBM
Mitesh Shah is the product manager for Hybrid Data Management platform of offerings, mainly Data Warehousing solutions, uniquely positioned for virtual private clouds and platforms that support Docker container technology. He has broad experience around various facets of software development along with business systems analysis, and program testing; known for ability to analyze complex issues with an analytical mindset, incubate and streamline innovative solutions, and promote a consensus-driven work environment that contributes to on-time and on-budget delivery. Throughout his career, Mitesh has enjoyed a focus on helping clients address their data management and solution architecture needs.

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