Now that you have already read about the potential of Db2 Warehouse, I am going to help you get started. It’s more fun when you get to play and try it out yourself.

It’s quick and easy (no pun intended). Let’s break it down into quick 4 steps:

1- Get Docker ID:
As you read earlier, Db2 Warehouse is a Docker container that can be easily deployed in 15-30 minutes. We stage our images in a private repository on the Docker Hub. So first things first.

Register for a Docker hub id at and write this down as you will need this later. If you already have a Docker hub id, then verify the user name.

This should take you no more than couple of minutes

2-Actual Registration for Free Db2 Warehouse
Go here and look for “free trial button”:

It’s a 90 days free trial that you can register for. Go to the above URL and click the “start free trial” button. This form is based on IBM ID functionality and will treat you differently depending on whether you are logged in and/or have an IBM ID. Fill in the information presented to you. If you have an IBM ID but are not logged in, use the blue link under the title.

3-Enter the registration information:
Now you will need to enter your Docker hub ID. Fill it in accurately, check the box and submit. If your Docker ID is not accurate, then we will not be able to provision you properly.

4-Final processing of your request:
This step is for IBM to complete. We will provision your access to the Db2 Warehouse trial on Docker hub and you will receive an email from the Docker hub system indicating that you have been provisioned for the trial. Please keep in mind that there are underlying steps that could take some time as we process the requests in batches. Also, ensure that the email you receive from Docker directly (within 24 hours) is not landing in your spam folder.

You should logon to docker hub before you try to access or pull the image from the repository.

Once you get the confirmation, you are ready to get started. Here are some initial pointers to our Knowledge Center:>>

All the Best!

Originally published on September 1, 2017
by Mitesh Shah, Product Manager, Hybrid Data Management Platform, IBM
Mitesh Shah is the product manager for Hybrid Data Management platform of offerings, mainly Data Warehousing solutions, uniquely positioned for virtual private clouds and platforms that support Docker container technology. He has broad experience around various facets of software development along with business systems analysis, and program testing; known for ability to analyze complex issues with an analytical mindset, incubate and streamline innovative solutions, and promote a consensus-driven work environment that contributes to on-time and on-budget delivery. Throughout his career, Mitesh has enjoyed a focus on helping clients address their data management and solution architecture needs.

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