What’s fast, simple, flexible, agile, smart and secure way of handling your analytic workloads in a data mart/ data warehousing environment?

Look no further … “Db2 Warehouse” (previously, dashDB Local) is now generally available and this blog is meant to provide you with the latest and the greatest around this unique offering. It will cover a broad range of topics surrounding Db2 Warehouse and how you can quickly get started to realize its strengths and values.

When it comes to next-generation data warehousing and data management, the IBM Db2 Warehouse offers a range of options that all share a common technology.

Db2 Warehouse is a Dockerized, columnar and in-memory database built upon the DB2 BLU acceleration technology, with in-built with Netezza compatibility and integrated Spark engine and lot more.

Originally in data warehousing, IT professionals assembled hardware software and storage to handle their large data sets for analytics needs. This was risky, costly and time consuming. This gave way to the data warehouse appliance that provided an optimized system for data warehousing and analytics. The appliance was so successful that many consider it to be the backbone of their analytics architecture.But the world of analytics is expanding and new technologies are needed to handle more requests, more data sources and even self-service needs. Hybrid data architectures are coming to the forefront to handle these increased needs.

Db2 Warehouse software, presents itself as a software defined environment such as private cloud, virtual private cloud or infrastructure of your choice, thus enabling hybrid Cloud configuration. It can be deployed in minutes, making it fast and easy to deliver an auto configured data warehouse.

For starters, here’s a quick start link for exploring further and it also provides you with an option of a free trial at ibm.biz/dashDBLocal.

Originally published on August 26, 2017
by Mitesh Shah, Product Manager, Hybrid Data Management Platform, IBM

Mitesh Shah is the product manager for Hybrid Data Management platform of offerings, mainly Data Warehousing solutions, uniquely positioned for virtual private clouds and platforms that support Docker container technology. He has broad experience around various facets of software development along with business systems analysis, and program testing; known for ability to analyze complex issues with an analytical mindset, incubate and streamline innovative solutions, and promote a consensus-driven work environment that contributes to on-time and on-budget delivery. Throughout his career, Mitesh has enjoyed a focus on helping clients address their data management and solution architecture needs.

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