Exciting news! We’re glad to share with our users the close-knit solution that Robin Systems and IBM now offer in the form of IBM Db2 Warehouse on Robin Cloud Platform, further expanding Robin’s RDBMS support and thus enabling IBM Db2 Warehouse users with application virtualization and orchestration. Robin Cloud Platform now offers the broadest support for Enterprise Data Apps in the market and is the only solution that lets you share resources across multiple applications and users while guaranteeing performance isolation. Additionally, Robin is the only solution that slashes deployment as well as management times from days to minutes. The containerized IBM Db2 Warehouse solution simplifies packaging and distribution to facilitate a true load-and-go data warehouse in a hybrid cloud architecture.

The Microservices Philosophy Limitation
Managing Big Data Applications and Databases in production is not easy since this involves many complex services with tight interdependencies that do not follow the classic Docker micro-service philosophy. It gets worse as some of these use cases involve multi-app configuration like Hadoop, SPARK, Kafka, Cassandra and others – So deploying, managing and consolidating from an application angle becomes more complex – involving containers, clusters, meta-data, actionable primitives, network and naturally storage – all working in concert.

Optimized Environment
Robin has implemented unique features in the networking and storage layers that let it handle all these special cases seamlessly, enabling it to boast the widest support for Enterprise Databases and Packaged Applications as a singular use case or part of a complex distributed pipeline of applications.

With this broad support, Robin Cloud platform provides an optimized environment for IBM Db2 to leverage familiar structured query language (SQL), integrated Spark engine to leverage R and Python, or robust in-database analytics, including geospatial analytics.

So, you ask – what’s the big deal?
Here are the highlights – Robin Systems, the only container-based Application-Defined Infrastructure (ADI) software provider, is transforming the way enterprise applications drive infrastructure by bringing together purpose-built container-aware block storage and application-defined network overlay with application-defined fabric into the cloud (private and/or public). IBM® Db2 Warehouse (formerly dashDB™ Local) runs optimally using Robin Cloud Platform powered by and for container technology. Porting and modernizing an already great analytics solution to modern virtualization using containers is exciting news and is clearly encouraging for other use cases exploring options for various stateful data-defined apps. We’ve seen similar use cases where clients save up to 50% on number of nodes, as well as gain significantly improved agility through blazing fast deployments down from weeks and days to minutes, all while guaranteeing performance (IOPS) in a shared multi-tenant environment.

The simple app-store experience offered by Robin Cloud Platform design introduces a perfect match between the applications and the underlying infrastructure. With Robin Cloud Platform, users can define their workflows once and run anywhere securely and in a repeatable, automated manner. Enterprise applications typically designed for a specific on-premise or a specific cloud deployment can be hard to port since there is a strong dependency between the application workflows and the infrastructure. Compute, network and storage APIs vary dramatically across on-premise and infrastructure stacks in the cloud.

Robin to the rescue!
Application aware compute, network and storage layers decouple applications and infrastructure so that the applications can be easily moved, scaled, cloned and managed with 1-click lifecycle operations regardless of the infrastructure model (on-premise, cloud, hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud), which can technically can be anywhere.

Robin Cloud platform provides Quality of Service (QoS) Guarantees for the entire application IO Path to actual IOPS – all within a multi-tenant environment. Functions such as adding more processing power (CPU, memory) or even more nodes (scale-out) are a matter of a couple mouse clicks away! Setting min/max throughput does not get any simpler and all this within shared environment and guaranteed SLAs. The process of running complex distributed and clustered apps spanning many compute and storage nodes and terabytes or petabytes of data, possibly mirrored across multiple locations and in a shared infrastructure, requires a holistic application-defined approach. Robin Cloud platform optimizes meta-data primitives across the entire application-defined IO path from compute thru network to actual blocks of storage.

IBM® Db2 Warehouse
The IBM® Db2 Warehouse is an ideal solution in cases where control of data must be maintained in a multitenant environment or cloud like fashion. IBM® Db2 Warehouse and its software defined architecture makes it possible to maximize the resource pool usage along with the in-memory processing capability to deliver blazing fast results, as well as massively parallel processing (MPP) to help scale out and scale up as demand changes. IBM Db2 Warehouse technology is highly compatible with IBM Db2® and IBM PureData® System for Analytics, powered by Netezza® technology, as well as Oracle SQL compatibility, thus enabling variety of workloads. This compatibility helps consume analytic workloads depending on best match. IBM Db2 Warehouse employs Docker container technology, which helps simplify management and reduces deployment times to minutes. As such, it also provides elastic scaling and is designed for ease of updating and upgrading.

Who cares?
The unified outcome using container technology is a great example of an optimized and modernized way to combine compute and data-heavy warehouse pre-packaged offering with application-defined infrastructure that can leverage, manipulate and optimize shared meta-data and resources.

All of these combined features are designed to be helpful to DevOps and IT cloud administrators. From a user standpoint, Robin Cloud platform optimizes the app-store experience and brings agility to the Deploy-Manage-Consolidate angle, whilst IBM Db2 Warehouse helps provide the performance needed to quickly drive results.

Sounds too good to be true, don’t take our word – view the demo or simply try it for yourself.

Free trial of Db2 Warehouse is available at https://www.ibm.com/us-en/marketplace/db2-warehouse

Published on 3/16/18
The IBM Analytics, Hybrid Data Management Platform Team
The Robin Cloud Platform Team

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