In today’s world, data is being produced and stored at an ever-quickening pace. In fact, according to Forrester, the number of companies storing over 100TB of data almost doubled in 2017. The ability to leverage this data to make timely and effective decisions is paramount. In many cases, the data is surfaced in one system. Users must then break away from their current activity to extract the data from wherever it lives and bring it into a separate visualization tool to surface insights.

Some have tried to solve this problem by including data visualization capabilities directly within an application. The issue with that approach is two-fold: one, you significantly increase the coding required by your developers, and two: end users are then limited to a set of pre-defined visualizations that may not completely meet their needs.

To address the problem for both developers and end users, we’ve developed a new solution that allows you to embed Cognos Analytics dashboards into your applications with ease: IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded.

For the Developer:

IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded allows you to integrate a dynamic analytics workflow directly into your offering. This may take the form of a guided exploration containing pre-created dashboards with one or more visualizations. However, the true value lies in providing a full creation experience, allowing end users to select their data sources and build their own visualizations in real time to get answers to their questions. Based on Javascript APIs, Cognos Dashboard Embedded utilizes a standard and popular development language that allows developers to quickly and efficiently integrate and maintain the service in their offering.

For the end users:

Not everyone in an organization is looking for the same answers to the same questions. Consequently, a dashboard that works perfectly for a colleague may only provide a subset of the information that meets your particular needs. With IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded, you have an intuitive, drag-and-drop user experience, which allows you to explore your data and create visualizations that answer the unique questions important to you.

Try it for free

IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded is now available in the IBM Cloud Catalog. You can sign up for a free trial here. You will also see it integrated with IBM Data Science Experience offering as an example of how it can be integrated into an application.

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