Over the years, the dashboard has garnered many fans. It’s where numerous people start their day. It’s the face of analytics for most business users throughout companies worldwide. It’s the point of engagement where insights are surfaced and acted upon. This metamorphosis has led business users to expect and require this functionality across the data aggregating applications they use.

To address this reality, we, at IBM, are making the dashboard capabilities in Cognos Analytics more flexible and powerful.

Decoupling the Dashboard
IBM has decoupled the dashboarding capabilities from Cognos Analytics and developed IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded. With this new solution, developers no longer have to spend the time to hand code dashboard capabilities into their applications, or default to other options that don’t provide the flexibility for end users to create their own visualizations. IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded gives developers an easy, low-code way to embed dynamic dashboards in their own apps via a set of Java APIs.

Teeing off with Cognos Dashboard Embedded
Our first customer was our own Watson AI team, who used Cognos Dashboard Embedded to embed visualization capabilities and dashboarding into Watson Studio (learn more about how Watson AI embraced Cognos Dashboard Embedded by clicking here).

While Cognos Dashboard Embedded was still in beta, the Watson AI team worked with the Masters Tournament digital team to track the usage and traffic to a host of digital assets made available to golf fans unable to attend this year’s tournament. Since Cognos Dashboard Embedded enables a live connection to your data source and doesn’t limit users to a pre-determined set of visualizations, the team had the flexibility to filter the data in any number of ways to get the specific insights they needed (learn more about how Cognos Dashboard Embedded aced the Masters Tournament by clicking here).

Try it for yourself
IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded is now available for developers to embed within their own apps.

Check it out by clicking here to get started for free.

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